We have over 20 years of experience rendering termite control measures to public sector, private sector, multinationals, and hotels in Bangalore


Our Pest Control Services

Our Services Include Sub- terranean termite measures(New construction and existing properties) relevant to the form of construction, General Disinfection Services, Mosquito/Fly Control, Rodent Control, Beehive Treatment, and Wood borer Treatment


Commercial Pest Control

We offer pest control solution to corporates.


Residential Pest Control

We offer services to residences as well as apartment buildings.



Sanitization services offered to all types of properties.


Commercial Pest Control

We have been offering multiple services to multinationals,
hotels, restaurants, pubs, banks, labs, banks.

These treatments are deployed either through Spray Treatment, Fogging Treatment, Larvicide Treatment, Smoke Generators. These treatments are able to combat flying or crawling insects, larvae in stagnant water, and ones hidden in cracks and crevices.


Residential Pest control

We have been offering our services to residential properties and homes.

Treatments may include Spray Treatment for crawling and flying insects, Fogging Treatment for flies and mosquitoes, Gel  Treatment for roaches, and Smoke Treatment for cracks and crevices for places where the sprays don’t reach.

Our Working Process


Pest Control Survey

An expert will arrive at the location to survey the possible entry points for vectors and cause of issues.


Proposal And Pest Control Calender

The expert will proceed to create a plan listing out the type of treatment required and the frequency of application as necessary.


Protection Plan

Our expert will curate a specialised plan that includes the types of chemicals and
pesticides that are required.


Pesticide Deployment Plan

Our expert will begin the needed treatment according to the schedule.

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